Table of Content:

  1. About Garden Benches:

  2. What Services Do They Provide?

  3. What Are Banana Benches?

  4. A Wide Range Of Banana Benches 

  5. Usage Of Banana Benches 

  6. What Are Wooden Benches?

  7. High Range Of Wooden Benches

  8. Garden Benches – Buyers Guide 

  9. FAQ`S 

  10. Garden Benches – Conclusion:

About Garden Benches:

Gerry Slone started the family-owned company Sloane and Sons UKestablished in 1989. They provide unwavering quality and service and specialize in luxury home furnishings, lighting, and accessories. Customers can purchase online and at their showrooms in Manchester and London.

What Services Do They Provide?

Garden Benches has worked smoothly; they provide the best wooden furniture and benches, and customers like their care services. According to consumer feedback, Garden Benches are a well-regarded business. If you`re looking for garden benches, they have high-quality products and top-notch customer service, so consider them.

Burton on Trent is the proud home of Sloane & Sonsestablished there. The company first made pillows and soft furnishings, but over the past 25 years, it has expanded to produce and distribute essential items for the home and garden.

What Are Banana Benches?

Garden Banana Benches are super cool and look fantastic in their designs; these are unique benches that look like the shape of a banana; these benches are also called half-moon, crescent benches, and peanut benches because these are curvy backrest which provides you with the best support by fitting the natural contour.

A Wide Range of Banana Benches

A wide range of banana benches from Sloane and Sons UK is the ideal seating solution for your outdoor space. Their official website shows a vast and fantastic selection of banana benches, tables, seats, and chairs. Also, give you free shipping offers.

Usage of Banana Benches

The wide range of banana benches offers a fantastic variety for your outdoor setting; you can set their courts in your garden and provide a relax-able environment. Bars are typically made from best-quality wood. Garden Benches have extended seats on which multiple people may sit simultaneously. Get a whole set of banana furniture today for comfort that will last a lifetime.

What Are Wooden Benches?

Garden Wooden Benches are designed with pure wooden material, which makes their looks more pretty. These are perfect for your outdoor sitting. Garden benches typically contain hardwoods like teak, oak, and ash because they produce a more vital, more durable outcome.

High Range of Wooden Benches

High selections of garden benches are available at the worlds best Sloane and Sons UK store. They supply a wide range of wooden garden benches, which are great for your outdoors, garden, public parks and pubs, and many other places. These benches are perfect for your houses.

Garden Benches – Buyers Guide

Garden benches give the best guide to their customers. A garden bench adds comfort and style to any outdoor area and offers a sophisticated seating spot for all events. Particularly elegant, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and smoothly blending into any design plan are wooden benches.

You can get all the information you need about wooden benches in this buyer`s guide to assist you in making decisions on what to include in your room. Check all the directions on their official website,


Here are all the solutions to your problems; here, you will find all the answers that cause your confusion regarding the Garden Benchers.

  • Do You Provide Delivery On Weekends?

A: Garden Benches offer a Saturday morning AM delivery; there will be a £25.00 extra for this service. This choice is available during checkout.

  • How Is A Wooden Bench Maintained?

A: Garden Wooden Benches maintained with warm water and mild detergent. Work in small areas with a soft cloth or sponge to remove any scuff marks or other stains.

  • What Kind Of Finish Is Ideal For A Garden Bench?

A: The best finish for Garden Benches is Oils, such as tung oil, teak oil, or linseed oil are the best and most popular choices for finishing outdoor furniture.

Garden Benches – Conclusion:

Garden Benches is a famous brand that provides a wide range of banana and wooden benches with more categories to complete your outdoor look. Purchase your garden benches at very affordable prices and also get free shipping on your purchase.