is an online marketplace for meal kits and recipe boxes. They offer a range of delicious dishes from around the world, delivered straight to your door. was established in 2015. They have quickly become a trusted resource for delicious meal kits and recipe boxes worldwide.

How Does Prep Kitchen Work? offers an easy ordering process. You can browse their delicious meal kits and recipe boxes, add items to your cart and place your order. Your meal kits or recipe boxes will be delivered to your door within a few days.

Choose Your Meals and Plan

Choose meals from our biweekly rotating menu after defining your objectives.

We Cook and Deliver

With macro precision, our chefs prepare your meals, chilled and delivered to your door by our courier. 

Enjoy and Succeed

To help you stay on track, enjoy delicious healthy food without the work of cooking. There are no justifications.

Prep Kitchen Menu Includes

  1. Main meals 

  2. Breakfasts 

Choose Your Perfect Plan

  • Fat Loss Plan from €6.25

  1. Lower calories 

  2. High protein 

  3. Balanced or lower carb option 

  4. 2+ portions of vegetables 

  • Muscle Gain Plan from €7.50

  1. High calories 

  2. High protein 

  3. Balanced or lower carb option 

  4. 3+ portions of vegetables 

The Bottom Line is a UK-based meal delivery service that offers fresh, pre-made, and ready-made meals delivered to your door. Their mission is to make preparing and eating healthy meals more straightforward and affordable than ever before.


Q: Is Prep Kitchen frozen?

A: Unfortunately, Prep Kitchen does not offer frozen products. However, they offer various fresh, ready-made, and pre-made meals that you can enjoy.

Q: Does Prep Kitchen have an app?

A: Prep Kitchen has a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. The app allows for convenient ordering, tracking orders and payments, and easy access to nutritional information on all the meals offered.

Q: Is Prep Kitchen worth it?

A: Whether or not Prep Kitchen is worth it depends on your needs and preferences. They offer a wide variety of healthy and convenient meals, so if you`re looking for an easy way to get nutritious meals without having to cook them yourself, Prep Kitchen could be an excellent option.